Hiding The Instagram Like Count Could Lead To Better Content

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According to The Verge, Instagram is testing giving more control over how users see the like count on posts. Hiding the Instagram like count has been a focus recently as some people think that hiding the likes is a good thing. While others think that it will hurt those who make money on the platform.

The social media platform is issuing a “small global test” which will let users control their like count visibility with three options. These options are to not see the like count on anyone’s posts, turning them off for their own posts, or keeping the original experience.

The company is apparently working on a similar idea for Facebook as well. However, it did not say or give any clarification on that. This isn’t the first time that Instagram has toyed with this idea. Instagram launched a test before where the public like count was hidden for certain worldwide users.


At the time Instagram said it wanted users to “focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get.” At first, Influencers were scared of how this impact deals with brands considering their engagement rates weren’t public.

The idea of hiding the Instagram like count is nothing new

However, influencers can still see their numbers privately on their dashboards. As a result, they can still share these numbers with any brans looking to collaborate with them. Instagram giving users more control over their experience is a good thing though.

Some people are absolutely enamored with getting the most likes they can. This can detract from the overall quality of photos and videos. It can make some users even suffer mentally or emotionally. On the other hand, some users could care less. As a result, they probably are okay with not being able to see the like count.


Facebook has done something similar before. Back in 2019 the company also toyed around with hiding the public like count. During the test public likes, reactions, and the video view count were hidden. The new test could apply to all of the previous metrics or just to the like count.

Facebook has not made its test live just yet. However, Facebook says it will be learning from this new test and will “have more to share soon.” Hiding the Instagram like count could definitely help the platform to focus on content more.

Some users will create something fake or not as genuine just to get some likes. Hopefully, with Instagram changing focus from likes to good content it will entice creators to do the same thing.