Google Won't Attend MWC 2021 Either, Due To COVID-19

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According to Ina Fried, a Chief Technology Correspondent over at Axios, Google has decided not to trend MWC 2021. She tweeted out this piece of information along with a quote from Google’s spokesperson.

Google’s spokesperson said the following: “Following our current COVID-19 travel restrictions and protocols, Google has made the decision to not exhibit at Mobile World Congress this year.“

Google won’t attend MWC 2021, and is not the first company to announce such news

Google is not the first tech giant to decide to skip MWC 2021 this year. Ericsson, Nokia, and Sony announced the same thing last month. Neither of those companies will exhibit at MWC 2021.


Ericsson may not be a name you hear often these days, but Ericsson is one of the largest exhibitors at MWC every year. The fact that those four companies decided not to attend is troubling news for GSMA.

Truth be said, some companies will be present in a digital format, but it’s not the same, of course. Being present at MWC 2021 and actually exhibiting is something else entirely.

That being said, MWC 2021 has been postponed until the summer due to COVID-19. As some of you may know, last year’s MWC was canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and considering that companies started canceling their participation this year as well, there’s a chance the same will happen with MWC 2021.


MWC 2021 is supposed to start on June 28

MWC 2021 is scheduled to begin on June 28, and end on July 1. MWC 2021 in Shanghai, also known as MWCS 2021, took place back in March, and things went well. The thing is, the COVID-19 situation in Shanghai is much different than in Europe. MWC 2021, as most of you know, is supposed to take place in Barcelona.

Will MWC 2021 take place after all, or will it be canceled like last year’s show? Well, nobody knows that at this point, but if companies start canceling their attendance, GSMA will be forced to shut the doors yet again.