Google Wifi Router Management Will Be Handled By Google Home Soon

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According to The Verge, Google Wifi router management will be getting rolled into the Google Home app. This means that the standalone app users are used to will be shut down.

Google says the decision to kill off the standalone app is to “help our customers control and manage all their connected products in one place and enable routines across them”.

The overall switch will be done in two different phrases. In the first phase, Google will disable the Google Wifi app on May 25. On that day users will only have the ability to view the current status of their networks.


However, if users want to make any changes, they will have to use the Google Home app to do so. Afterward, sometime in June Google will remove the Wifi app from the Play Store and iOS App Store altogether. Doing so will help consolidate users to using one app.

For the existing users, you will have to migrate even after the app is removed from the respective app stores. Google will stop supporting the app once it is removed, so even if you hold onto it the app will out of date.

Google Wifi router management is being rolled into the Google Home App to make things easier

This move to consolidate everything into the Google Home app started back in 2019. The move began after the search giant released the Nest Wifi routers which are configured in the Google Home app. But, considering the Google Home app did not offer as many features as the Google Wifi app Google supported both.

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Once the Google Home app got all the features the Google Wifi app had then Google would shut it down. According to Google the migrating of existing Wifi setups to the Google Home app will offer new benefits.

These benefits include the ability to use Google Assistant for many things including pausing the Wifi connection. For the users who like to know how fast their internet speeds are, they will be able to check their current internet speeds as well.

To migrate a network setup seems simple. But unfortunately, once the migration is complete there is no going back. Google has to make sure users will benefit from the migration before moving them over.


Google is making a few changes to their home tech offerings. The Nest Hub will be able to do bulk photo sharing soon. Also, Google Home Speakers and Nest speakers will be getting a new tone when they connect.

However, there is one weird bug that prompts users to connect to some devices they do not have. But that should be an easy fix for a company like Google.