Google Search Speeds Up With The World's Easiest Keyboard Shortcut

Google Search Autocomplete April 2018 AH New

This far into the company’s existence, it’s difficult to imagine Google Search could get any easier but there’s a brand new keyboard shortcut set to challenge that notion. That’s based on recent reports detailing the freshly added feature.

The feature in question is, of course, a new keyboard shortcut that takes users back to the search bar. That’s on the results page after a search has already been performed. Making it easier than ever to perform multiple queries in rapid succession. Or to conduct follow-up research after initial results are found. Or if the initial inquiry wasn’t quite right or for any number of other uses.

So what’s the new Google Search keyboard shortcut?

Now, keyboard shortcuts tend to have a relatively small audience, to begin with. That’s primarily down to how difficult it can be to learn new keyboard shortcuts, let alone all of the best ones. And that’s setting aside that different operating systems often have different keyboard shortcuts. Or different keyboard keys altogether.


But Google’s new shortcut really couldn’t be any easier. Not only is it a single keypress — so there’s no “CMD”, “CTRL”, “Alt”, or other keys to be pressed simultaneously. There’s also no difference on any desktop platform, from Chrome OS to Mac, and the key in question exists on every keyboard.

Using the keyboard shortcut simply requires users to visit Google.com and perform a search. Then, once on the results page, users simply need to press the “/” key at the bottom right-hand side of their keyboard. On that keypress, Google Search will now send users’ cursors back to the search bar. More specifically, at the end of the previously-used search term. So there’s no need to use the mouse to adjust search terms or search for a new term.

When’s this coming?

Another way this new shortcut steps away from the usual drawbacks is that nobody will have to wait to use it. It’s available for use now on the Google Search website across keyboard-ready platforms. Although some small subset of users may still be waiting for it to roll out.