Google Play Movies & TV To Shut Down For Roku And Some Smart TVs

Google Play Movies and TV AH NS 04

Google is in the process of rebranding its television and movie streaming service, Google Play Movies & TV. It’s replacing it with Google TV. According to 9to5Google, Google is canceling the app on Roku and select smart TVs.

The cut-off date for Play Movies & TV will be June 15th for Roku and select smart TV brands

Google has stated recently that they are pulling the plug on their Play Movies & TV app for Roku and for Samsung, LG, and Visio smart TV brands. The cut-off date will be June 15th. Google hasn’t stated whether they’ll be canceling the app for any other platforms or devices.

It’s uncertain whether Google will remove the app from other platforms in the future or just rebrand. Along with the Smart TV brands, Google will also remove the app from LG Netcast and LG SimpleSmart devices.


Google will be moving those platforms over to YouTube TV

When the Play Movies & TV app shuts down on these devices, the users won’t be out of luck- Google has them covered. They will be able to access their purchased movies and TV shows via YouTube TV. Google will undoubtedly give customers plenty of warning before it shuts down the app.

Customers that share their content via the Family Library will be able to access their content through YouTube TV. Google states, however, that any purchases that were made through the YouTube app won’t be eligible for family sharing. If you want to purchase content that can be shared, you will have to buy them from the Google Play store.

Any Google Play credits that customers purchased through Play Movies & TV can be accessed on YouTube TV. Customers shouldn’t worry about losing any of their purchases or money in this transition.


This makes another Google Play service to be changed

It appears that Google is in the process of eradicating the Google Play brand. This is indicated by the fact that it rebranded Google Play Movies & TV as Google TV back in September of 2020. Now, with it removing the app from Roku and the smart TVs, it’s easy to believe that Google Play’s days are numbered.

Android users remember how last year, Google Play Music was shut down and replaced with YouTube Music. It’s hard to say for certain, but this may be a move to streamline Google’s brand names.

There’s no word on whether that will happen, as the service itself is not shutting down. It’s only being shut down on Roku and Samsung, LG, and Visio smart TVs. Only time will tell if Google plans on removing the service from other platforms.