Google Pixel 4a vs 4a 5G Comparison Video Is Late To The Party

Google Pixel 4a 5G AM AH 5

It’s better late than never right? As reported by 9to5Google, Google seems to think the same way. Google is just now releasing a Google Pixel 4a vs 4a 5G comparison video. Normally this would be fine. But, the Pixel 4a and 4a 5G came out in August and November of last year, and Google will surely have replacements on the way.

Over on Google’s YouTube channel, the search giant has finally given the world a comparison video. The Pixel 4a came out in the middle of August, and the Pixel 4a 5G came out at the beginning of November. Normally, Google gives their devices a year-long availability period.

As a result, this means that these two devices are approaching the end of their retail availability. Now that is only assuming that Google will adhere to this normal trend. The name of the video is “Which is right for you”: Pixel 4a vs Pixel 4a with 5G.


The video starts off with the question being searched in Google Search. The video then compares the size of the screens to one another with the 4a with 5G having a 14% larger screen. The screen sizes are 5.8 for the 4a and 6.2 for the 4a 5G.

The next comparison is between cameras. At first, the video points out that both can take amazing photos. However, if you want to shoot ultrawide then the 4a 5G is the choice for you. Google Duo makes an appearance before showing comparisons between the batteries.

Google Pixel 4a vs 4a 5G comparison video is a bit late to the party

The 4a has a 3140 mAh battery whereas the 4a with 5G has a 3885 mAh battery. That is a 23% larger battery for the 4a 5G. The only real win for the Pixel 4a is it has a better price. The prices are $349 for the 4a compared to the 4a with 5G’s $499.


In the video, it shows that Google has been pushing customers toward the 4a 5G since December. This makes sense in a couple of ways. Google makes more money from selling the more expensive device. Also, 5G is a futureproof technology and it is a buzzword in the market.

It is April 2021, so a release of a video comparing these two seems a little bit late. The smartphone world knows what the Pixel 5a will most likely look like. It also seems like the 4a 5G will be comparable in most regards to the Pixel 5a.

However, there is still a global chip shortage. Big names like TSMC are struggling to produce enough to meet demands. As a result, it is possible that Google is expecting to have restricted stock of the Pixel 5a so it wants people to have the 4a/4a 5G in mind.


It also could be that the company has ample stock of different models of the 4a devices which came out late like the Barely Blue and Clearly white colors.