Google Photos Adds A Dedicated Document Hub To Easily Find Documents

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Google Photos is one of the most popular cloud photo backup apps. It is used by many, and all those who use it would be glad to know that Google Photos is getting a dedicated Document hub to make it easier to find documents.

One of the best features of Google Photos is the ability to easily search for images. This comes in handy when you have backed up a ton of photos.

Just like me, there are several users who keep their important documents like driving license, medical report, etc. in the form of a picture on Google Photos.


Now, with the dedicated Document hub, users will be able to find their screenshots, posters, paper documents, and signs. You can even find specific ones like handwriting, text messaging, bulletin boards, display boards, post-its, business cards, signatures, etc.

The new Document hub joins the three existing sections, i.e. People & Pets, Places, and Things. Notably, People & Pets, Places, and Things sections have been available in the Search tab.

Documents backed up in Google Photos will be further divided into multiple sections to make it easier to search.


Google Photos Document hub is not yet widely available for everyone

Thanks to the new feature, Google Photos will further specify the documents into screenshots, posters, paper documents, etc. Besides, it can also differentiate photos into handwriting, text messaging, and more.

This will negate the need of searching via keywords. Because Google Photos will neatly organize your images based on the above-mentioned categories.

Do note that the Google Photos Document hub is not yet widely available for every user. It seems to be a part of the server-side update that is rolling out for a limited number of users at the moment.


Moreover, there is no word when it will be available for everyone. It was spotted by folks at Android Police, and as per our friends there, some categories like “Sign” aren’t that accurate.

So, at the moment, it seems like the feature is not baked properly to be widely available. We also assume this feature will make its way to the desktop version of Google Photos soon.

Since it is a server-side update, all you can do is wait for Google to push this new Google Photos document hub feature for you. You can at least make sure that you have installed the latest version of Google Photos on your phone from the Play Store.