Google May Allow Parler To Return To The Play Store

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Google has announced that Parler can get back to the Play Store by making some changes to its app.

Along with Twitter, Parler has been one of the most controversial social networks in the last few months. The criticisms against Parler started when it refused to apply moderation policies during the US 2020 presidential election. Parler was accused of promoting violence and spreading misinformation that led to attacking the US Capitol.

Non-compliance with moderation policies caused Google and Apple to remove Parler from App Store and Play Store. Now, it seems that Parler is returning to the Play Store under certain conditions.


As per Google’s announcement, Parler should make changes to its Android application, and these modifications should meet the Play Store policies. Earlier, Apple determined a similar condition for Parler to return to the App Store.

“As we stated back in January, Parler is welcome back in the Play store once it submits an app that complies with our policies.” a Google spokesperson told The Verge on Monday. Of course, Parler is not officially distributed in Google Play, but it remained available until the company would accept the policies. As Google announced, it was “because of the openness of the platform.”

Parler’s inability to deal with violent content even made Amazon Web Services take down its app. Moreover, these fast-paced events finally led John Matze to step down as the CEO of Parler.


Following Apple, Google may approve Parler’s changes

Google is not the only plaintiff of Parler, and Apple has a similar case with it. Dates back to January, Parler was removed from the App Store, and Apple criticized it for failing to remove hate speech and violent remarks.

Congressman Ken Buck and Mike Lee sent a letter to Apple and asked for an explanation regarding Parler’s removal from the App Store. In response, Apple noted that its App Review department had confirmed changes to the Parler app. So it will soon return to the App Store.

However, Parler needs to submit a similarly updated version to the Play Store, and Google should review it for confirmation. Chances are Android users can again download Parler in the coming weeks.