Google Maps Will Shift Focus From Speed To Environment & Fuel Savings

Google Maps AH NS 03

Google has plans to update its Maps application that will change the primary objective from fast arrival times to routes with better fuel savings. That’s according to a recent report from autoevolution, highlighting incoming tweaks to Google’s algorithms.

Now, that’s not the only change the purported update will deliver either. But it is arguably the biggest change. Summarily, the changes will take factors into account that impact fuel consumption. That likely means that it will account for elevation changes, stop-lights or stop signs, and other factors.

The changes should ultimately save users money, as well as having a net positive impact on the environment. But, of course, the search giant will also reportedly provide users with a way to revert to the travel-time-first algorithm too. That way, although fuel savings will be first priority for Google Maps, users can switch to faster routes in the app if they need to.


Google Maps will also be better at other things, not just saving fuel

Secondary to the incoming fuel efficiency-focused update, Google will also be changing how Maps handles public transit. Namely, by providing a step-by-step timeline for public transportation. And that will include more accurate time estimates from stop to stop, for example, to match, as well as a more accurate ETA for travelers.

Now, while that information has already been available for some regions, the company is working to spread that further abroad. Including recent updates to include the enhanced public transportation data for Lyon and Lille, in France. Google and public transport agencies in other regions are working to bring the feature to more regions as well.

When is this coming to users?

As of this writing, there doesn’t appear to be a set timeframe regarding the arrival of Google’s new Maps update. The only indication given is that the changes will arrive sometime later in 2021.


Google’s I/O 2021 developers conference is just around the corner though. Specifically, kicking off on May 18 and running through May 20. And, given how popular a navigation app Google Maps is, it is likely that more details will be revealed at that event.