Google Fi Simply Unlimited Costs $60 For One Line. Lacks Some Features

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Are you looking for a new wireless service? Well according to The Verge there is a new cheaper basic Google Fi plan. The Google Fi Simply Unlimited is the new plan’s name. The new plan will run interested users $60 per month for a single line.

The original unlimited plan will not be called Unlimited Plus. The new Simply Unlimited plan will be missing a few features that you can get on the more costly plan. The features missing are international data and mobile tethering. But, if you do not make international calls or use a mobile hotspot you will be okay.

This is the second time that Google Fi has given its users a new plan. Google’s wireless service becoming more like a traditional wireless carrier in terms of pricing. This could be a good thing for anyone looking for a decent price, but more freedom.


The new Simply Unlimited plan covers the basics that a prospective user could need. It offers unlimited data, calls, and text in the US. The Unlimited Plus plan will stay at its $70 a month price for one line. But, it provides high-speed data and texting to over 200 countries.

This is great for international travelers or even business people who are in contact with partners overseas. The Simply Unlimited plan will only cover data and text in Canada and Mexico. So if you have friends or family in any other country, you should go with Unlimited Plus.

Google Fi  Simply Unlimited plan matches those from the big carriers

There is also a lack of hotspot tethering with the Simply Unlimited. However, the Unlimited Plus will give you high-speed tethering up to 22GB. So, make sure you do not rely on the tethering too much. Although, 22GB should be more than enough for many users.


It may seem odd that the new cheaper plan doesn’t have tethering, but it is in line with other basic plans. Wireless carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon offer similar basic unlimited plans. These plans generally offer slower tethering or none at all.

Google Fi is becoming more a traditional wireless service it would seem. When it originally launched it had a more flexible plan which was very different from what carriers were offering. The flexible plan is still available. But, these new traditional plans put it in line with traditional wireless carriers.

And perhaps it was only a matter of time before Google Fi ended up with these changes.