Google Chrome Will Allow Us To Reopen Closed Tab Groups, Finally

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Google Chrome will finally allow us to reopen closed tab groups. This information comes from a Reddit user u/Leopeva64, whose information was spotted by XDA Developers.

Google Chrome will finally allow us to reopen closed tab groups

At the moment, when you close a tab group, by right-clicking on the group header, each tab in the group gets listed as a separate entry in the recently closed tab. If you make a mistake and close a group by accident, well, there’s no reverting the decision with a single click. You kind of have to restore each of the closed tabs individually, and make a group all over again.

That will luckily change in the near future, it seems. In the latest version of Google Chrome Canary, closed tab groups appear as a single unit under the “recently closed” menu.


This is great, as a closed tab group will appear as a single item, making it much easier to restore. You can do that by clicking on it, or simply pressing the CTRL + Shift + T.

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This change will make it extremely easy to reopen closed tab groups, just as easy as you would restore a close browser window, with all the tabs that were included in it.

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This change should make its way to the stable channel soon

Let’s hope that this change will make its way to the stable channel soon, as it will benefit quite a few users. Essentially, if you’re using Chrome’s tab grouping feature, you’ve probably been waiting for this feature to arrive.

Chrome’s tab grouping feature arrive last year. It allows you to create tab groups, in other words, to group your tabs together. You can color-code those tab groups, and you can also minimize them, and move them all at the same time. Needless to say, this helps with clutter and makes you more organized. It’s actually surprising it took Google so long to introduce something like this.

If you’re willing to put up with Chrome Canary (unstable Chrome variant), you can download the latest build here. If not, well, the feature should arrive to the stable channel in the near future, so sit tight.