Google Chrome Incognito Mode Gets Native Dark Theme

Google Chrome AH NS 06 Canary AH 2019

A recent report by XDA confirms Google Chrome Incognito mode is getting a dark theme natively. Google Chrome got dark mode support back in 2019 with version 74.

Now, with the native dark theme support for Google Chrome Incognito mode, it will ignore the current system light mode and continue to work in dark mode forever.

Previously, the dark mode experience was not that great. Apparently, the dark theme did not get applied to the app menu, and other UI elements in the Incognito mode even if the system-wide dark theme was turned On.

Luckily, with a new flag for Google Chrome, users will get rid of this experience and browse the web anonymously in dark mode.


However, do note that this feature is available for Google Chrome Canary 91. You have to manually enable this flag in order to experience always dark mode in incognito mode on Google Chrome.

For the normal tab, there are several customization options that Chrome offers, like changing the backgrounds and color themes to choose from in the New tab Customize menu.

But all these are not available for the incognito mode. And it was also missing the dark theme. Fast forward to now, Google is addressing this issue.

Google Chrome incognito mode dark theme is available as a flag

As already mentioned, the dark theme for incognito mode is available for Google Chrome Canary version 91 as a flag. If you use Canary, then you can enable it by typing “chrome://flags” in the address bar.


Then you need to search for Incognito mode. Finally, enable the “Allow widgets to inherit the native theme from its parent widget” flag.

Simply restart the browser and switch over to incognito mode. You will see that everything is changed to a dark theme, irrespective of your system theme.

Do note that all the web contents will continue to show up in its normal color. This addition also means that we will soon see the Google Chrome incognito mode dark theme on the stable channel pretty soon.

Although this is not a major feature and would slip under the radar for most of the users, it is nice to see that Google is making such efforts to fine-tune granular features.


Native dark mode support for incognito mode is meant to provide you with a streamlined experience. If you have not received the update yet, then you should go ahead and download the latest Google Chrome release by clicking here.