Google Finally Changes Forms & Clipboard On Desktop In Chrome 91

Google Chrome DG AH 2020

Chrome 91 is bringing significant changes to the UI and interactivity of Chrome on desktop platforms. That’s based on a recent report from XDA Developers, outlining the alterations.

The biggest changes are, of course, the changes to forms and clipboard. On the first front, on Chrome 91, Google is effectively finally implementing the same UI changes seen on Android back in March of last year, but on desktop. Developed alongside Microsoft, the new UI elements serve to make interactions easier. Especially as that applies to touch interactions. Additionally, they bring the aesthetics of the interface up-to-date, with better support for dark theming. And with a cleaner, more minimal look.

What about the clipboard changes for Google Chrome 91 desktop?

Having said that, the more useful of the new changes is likely the change to clipboard. Summarily, Google is finally allowing desktop platforms access to cross-app copy and paste. The best example of this is the ability to copy – with CTRL + C – and paste — via CTRL + V — from the file system directly into a web page. For instance, a user might copy a file and then use CTRL + V to paste the file into an email as an attachment.


That’s specifically a copy-paste directly from the file system. But this change essentially opens up the functionality to all desktop apps in the form of read-only access. Essentially allowing Chrome and apps to easily access file locations and more without the need to drag-and-drop or otherwise select files or content.

What else is new and when will these changes actually arrive?

Now, both changes are expected to land with Chrome version 91 on the desktop platforms. With the clipboard feature now appearing in the beta channel for the browser. And Chrome 91 will land on May 25, based on Google’s current scheduling. But those aren’t the only features presently expected for the update either. Google is also including several new UI to improve the browser as well as some trialing features for developers.