Google Brings Back The Nifty Compass Back To Maps

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Well, Google keeps on adding new features to its apps from time to time. And this time around, it is not adding a new feature but bringing back an old feature to Google Maps. Notably, the compass is making its return on Maps.

After receiving tons of positive responses in favor of the compass feature, Google decided to bring back the compass feature for its Google Maps application.

Google is notorious for removing some nifty features from its apps. We cannot say for sure the reason behind the removal of such features, the comeback of the nifty compass feature is a welcome move.


Apparently, Google removed the compass widget from Google Maps back in 2019. Though a bunch of new features was introduced to the navigation app, the most crucial one, at least for some, was left out.

But in an official announcement two days ago, Google stated, “You wanted it and we heard you! We’re excited to announce the return of the compass on Maps for Android.

Good thing is that Google revealed the reason behind the removal of this feature. It says it was done “in an effort to clean up the Navigation screen.

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The compass in Google Maps will show you which direction is north via a red arrow

And after receiving overwhelmingly positive responses in favor to bring compass back to Google Maps, Google is finally bringing it back.

As per the official announcement, when the user starts to use Google Maps for navigation to a destination, the compass widget will show up on the right side of the screen.

Moreover, when you rotate your smartphone display, the compass will show a red arrow indicating which direction is north.


There are not many changes introduced for the compass widget. It is the same as it was implemented two years ago. Google is rolling out the new compass feature for Google Maps for Android users across the globe.

Users need to make sure to update the Google Maps application to version 10.62 in order to use the widget. Now, as far as iOS users are concerned, they did not go through this hassle.

Meaning that for iOS users, Google did not remove the compass widget from the Maps app in the first place. So, it will continue to be available for iOS users. It is nice to see Google listening to the feedback of its users and adding back a nifty feature that they liked.


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