Google App My Actions Feature Gives Easier Access To Custom Shortcuts

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It looks like Google wants to make your life a little easier. According to XDA-Developers, the search giant is working on a My Actions feature. Recently, Google began to roll out version of the Google app on the Play Store.

The new update brings along some new features. These include support for voice commands while navigating. What is cool about this is that it will even work when you do not have an internet connection. The update also gives users easier access to privacy settings and more.

However, the cool part is the signs of the upcoming My Actions feature. The new feature will allow users to set up custom shortcuts for their favorite Google Assistant commands. For example, if you have a command that will turn off all your lights when you say a phrase you will now be able to access that easier.


When developers teardown an APK it allows them to get a hint of what features may be in the pipeline. This doesn’t mean the new features will happen. But, rather it shows what may come to users later down the line. Nothing is cemented until the app developer, in this case, Google officially releases new features.

My Actions feature will make accessing commands easier

However, the teardown does have a lot of new lines of code that show various strings. You can swing by XDA to see the full new code. Users can already create and use custom commands. That part isn’t new. However, the upcoming “My Actions” feature will allow users to use their custom commands with the push of a button instead of having to say a phrase.

Users may even be able to pin their custom actions somewhere to better access them. This could come in the form of adding them to your home screen, but nothing is 100% known at the moment. Google has released something similar to this before which gave users the ability to make shortcuts for Google Assistant routines.


XDA says they are attempting to get the feature working, but have not been able to get it up and running yet. However, there is a screenshot of what the setup looks like. This will give users an idea of what may be in store in the future.

New features are always fun. New features that make life easier are even better. This will be more of a quality of life thing. But, having the ability to access their custom commands quicker will surely make many users happy.

Google Assistant My Actions