Google Expands Dark Mode In Android 12 DP3

AH Android 12 dark

Google has pushed the dark mode feature further than ever before in Android 12 DP3 (Developer Preview 3). Android has supported dark mode for years now, for almost three years. The thing is, some pieces of the UI slipped through the cracks.

Google expands Dark Mode in Android 12 DP3, it now includes toast messages

Well, Google is now filling in those gaps in Android 12 Developer Preview 3. Dark mode has finally arrived to toast messages as well. Toast messages were in light mode regardless of your system setting.

That’s no longer the case. Truth be said, toast messages were never an extremely important part of the change, and not many people complained about them being in light mode all the time. Google decided to amend its mistake regardless.


This is a very small change to the dark mode functionality, but it does help with consistency. All parts of the UI should be adapted to a specific theme setting, and Google is starting to realize that.

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 dropped yesterday. We’ve already talked about a lot of changes that Google brought to the table. More changes (less obvious ones) will probably pop up during the day, as developers are digging through the code.

A stable build of the OS is coming in August

A stable version of Android 12 is expected to arrive in August. Until then, we still have a couple of Beta builds to look forward to. Each of them will bring the OS closer to being fully stable. Google’s Beta builds are usually quite stable in general, so… that’s a good thing.


Android 12 will be a rather large change to the OS, at least compared to the last couple of iterations. Google is making the UI more rounded, while it’s also changing up the animations, making them “bouncier”.

The company is also, allegedly, planning to introduce a full-fledged theming system into Android 12. You will no longer have to choose between light and dark themes, you’ll also be able to tweak a lot more things.