Glu Mobile Is Now Officially Part Of Electronic Arts

Apex Legends Mobile 3

Back in February, Electronic Arts, otherwise known as EA to most, announced that it would be purchasing Glu Mobile. Today, that acquisition is now finalized and the Glu Mobile portfolio is now part of Electronic Arts.

For EA, this means a wider array of mobile titles under its belt. Glu is the studio behind mega hit mobile games like Kim Kardashian Hollywood, and MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021. Among others. EA meanwhile is getting ready to release the mobile version of its extremely popular battle royale title, Apex Legends.

With games like Apex Legends Mobile on the way, and already popular large smash hits from Glu, EA will have a huge distribution of titles to offer to mobile users. Both for more hardcore players and the casual players alike.


All 800+ Glu Mobile employees will be joining Electronic Arts

It isn’t just Glu Mobile’s portfolio that’s joining EA. Its more than 800 employees are also being brought into the fold. Which means they’ll now be working at EA for both existing and upcoming mobile titles.

EA doesn’t mention any new games coming out of this acquisition. But rest assured there will definitely be new titles coming from the two combined companies. According to EA Mobile’s Jeff Karp, EA is committed to creating new, player-first mobile titles as it scales the brand to reach more types of players.

Just like with its own game titles, it’s looking to reach a much broader set of people. As not everyone enjoys playing the same types of games. Acquiring Glu Mobile helps EA reach that broader audience.


EA is eager to “compare notes”

As mentioned EA doesn’t have anything major to share in regards to the Glu acquisition when it comes to actual new game releases. It is however eager to compare notes with the Glu Mobile teams and see what it can come up with.

EA says it’s also excited to share what the two studios are able to create. Though any creations are sure to be a long way’s off. EA says that with Glu now under its umbrella, the two will create great new mobile experiences for players.

So it seems that EA is really trying to hype up the acquisition here. If you’re a casual gamer and prefer the types of games that Glu creates, you can probably expect some exciting things to come down the pipeline in the future. Especially now that the studio has EA money backing them.