miHoYo Shares Dev Insights On Porting Genshin Impact To PS5

Genshin Impact PS5 Release

The release of Genshin Impact on the PS5 is just around the corner. Precisely one week away. Earlier this month, the team over at miHoYo shared details of what to expect with the new PS5 version of the game.

This included things like faster frame rates and 4K visuals for a more well-rounded experience. And just generally smoother gameplay compared to the PS4 version. Which you could also install on the PS5. As planned, the Genshin Impact PS5 release will continue to arrive on April 28.

But leading up to that, the team at miHoYo wanted to share with players some insights on what it did to port the game to Sony’s newest PlayStation console.


The Genshin Impact PS5 release comes with exclusive remodeled scenery

Without diving into too much detail, the team explains that they remodeled the scenery of Genshin Impact for the PS5. This is exclusively for this new console. As the developers wanted to take advantage of the powerful hardware that the PS5 has to offer.

In addition to remodeled scenery, a graphics library was built completely from the ground up. The team also built a customized file-loading system to better use the super fast SSD that the PS5 comes with.

While the PS5 release will already have enhanced graphics, the steps miHoYo has made as part of the port was also to future proof the game. Stating that because of the newly built graphics library and custom file-loading system, it will “have more potential to elevate the graphics” in the future.


This doesn’t necessarily mean higher resolution, but likely little nuances that make for an overall enhanced visual experience in the game.

High-res textures tell a unique story

miHoYo is putting a lot of attention to detail into as many visual aspects of the game as possible. Aiming to tell players a story in the most unlikely places. Like the moldings on wooden structures or the draw distance for a look at far off parts of the landscape.

The game’s visual enhancements aren’t just for making the game look stunning. miHoYo seems to want to immerse the player into the world in new ways. And these little details are a way for the team to do just that.


These small details, paired with the native 4K resolution and HDR support (if you have an HDR display), will help Genshin Impact look better than it ever has on a PlayStation console. If you have a PS5 and you haven’t played Genshin Impact yet, you should give it a try next week.