Gboard Keyboard Will Simplify Pasting From The Clipboard

AH Gboard logo 1 AH 2019

Gboard, the Google keyboard comes with a built-in clipboard manager. It facilitates copying and pasting text, stores multiple clippings at the same time, and even supports full auto-deletion.

Last year, Google brought clipboard suggestions to the app that eliminated the need to manually open your copied content. The recently introduced scrolling bar at the top of the Gboard keyboard simplifies pasting across Android.

A scrolling suggestion bar has been added to the Gboard clipboard manager of some users. When using the Gboard keyboard, the clipboard option can be found within a separate menu.


Google has already started testing a full-fledged scrolling clipboard suggestion strip, according to Android Police.

What does the new update include?

The recently rolled out update enables you to see your recent selections above the keyboard. You can scroll this selection from the left to right and it replaces the shortcut bar.

Moreover, with this new update, users do not need to access the clipboard menu manually to paste their text. This handy addition can manage several passwords, links, and everything else.


More importantly, it works regardless of whether you have enabled clipboard history in Gboard. This ensures everyone can take full advantage of the new feature.

The Gboard keyboard currently only shows a solo clipboard suggestion in the middle. The new update brings all your selections to the clipboard suggestion bar. The scrollable clipboard ousted the shortcuts which usually hides these selections under an expandable arrow.

A time-saving addition

The feature will particularly come in handy when it comes to quickly access previously copied links when sending a text or an email. On the downside, the feature isn’t available to everyone and is being rolled out slowly in the form of a server-side update, according to 9to5Google.


Being able to scroll through a list of text you have copied previously is quicker than accessing the full clipboard manager. Aside from that, the tool enables you to handle everything you’ve ever copied.

This feature is effectively an expansion upon the single clipboard selection you may have seen several times before. For those who prefer a less cluttered suggestion bar when typing, Google hasn’t confirmed if this feature can be disabled.

Bringing the ability to avoid the clipboard manager to paste several entries simultaneously to the Gboard keyboard is a great addition. Although the new feature is being rolled out to selected users, you can update to the newest version of Gboard to get ahead of the line.