Galaxy Z Fold 3 SoC Referred To As "Top Secret", Is AMD GPU Coming?

Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is coming, and it will likely be fueled by the Snapdragon 888. There is a slight chance that Samsung may include AMD GPU inside the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which means it will ditch the Snapdragon 888 altogether.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 SoC is being referred to as “Top Secret”

A well-known tipster, Ice Universe, went to Twitter recently to report that the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s SoC is referred to as “Top Secret”. That “Top Secret” part confuses him, as that’s not Samsung’s usual way of doing things.

For that reason, he suggested that AMD GPU could be on the way, without actually saying it. Another tipster, Tron, believes the opposite to be true. He says that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be fueled by the Snapdragon 888, AMD GPU is out of the question.


Truth be said, when Ice Universe says something will happen, it usually does. The thing is, he is not sure of this, and is only leaving the possibility of it happening. He’ll probably share more information in the near future.

Samsung’s exec did say that the next flagship product will come with an AMD GPU

Now, there’s another reason why this may happen. During the Exynos 2100 unveiling, Samsung’s System LSI Business’ President, Dr. Inyup Kang, did say that the company’s “next flagship product” will come with an AMD GPU.

Having said that, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be the company’s next flagship product, so… there you go. There’s, of course, a possibility that he meant the next Galaxy S series flagship product, which would point towards the Galaxy S22… but he didn’t.


That being said, Samsung is developing an AMD-based Exynos SoC, and it is rumored to arrive in June. The chip is, allegedly, called the Exynos 9925 internally. It remains to be seen what will it be called once it gets announced, though.

So, at this point, we can only guess. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will either ship with the Snapdragon 888, or Samsung’s brand new Exynos SoC with AMD GPU. It is worth noting that the phone is tipped to launch in July.