Galaxy Z Fold 3 Will Use The Snapdragon 888, 100%: Tipster

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 AM AH 28

A well-known tipster, Mauri QHD, has decided to clear things up regarding the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’s processor. In his latest tweet, he claims that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will feature the Snapdragon 888, and he did say he’s 100% sure of it.

Tipster claims the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will use the Snapdragon 888, 100%

Do note that the source did not mention the Snapdragon 888, but said “a Snapdragon chip” instead. That’s the only Snapdragon processor that would suit the Galaxy Z Fold 3, so there’s that.

He tweeted this out because there has been some talk that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 may include a new Exynos SoC with an AMD GPU. That is something Ice Universe insinuated could be possible as the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s SoC is referred to as “Top Secret” at the moment.


Well, if Mauri QHD is to be believed, that won’t happen. He specifically said that the Exynos 2100 won’t fuel it, nor a new processor with an AMD GPU.

It seems like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for an Exynos SoC with an AMD GPU. That is also quite interesting, as Samsung’s System LSI Business’ President, Dr. Inyup Kang, did say, during the Galaxy S21 launch, that the “next flagship product” will include an AMD GPU.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the company’s next flagship product, so… yeah, things are kind of convoluted now. As long as Samsung doesn’t confirm things itself, we won’t know for sure.


Samsung’s Exynos SoC with an AMD GPU may debut with the Galaxy S22 next year

Mauri QHD does seem to be quite confident of his information. So, if it turns out to be true, the Galaxy S22 series will likely debut an Exynos SoC with an AMD GPU. We do not know if that chip will be included in all regions, though, it remains to be seen.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is tipped to launch in July, along with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (or Flip 2, depending on what name Samsung goes with). Those are the only two foldable smartphones Samsung will announce in 2021, at least based on rumors.