T-Mobile Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Now Supports eSIM, Thanks To New Update

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According to Android Central, T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra supports eSIM now. Thanks to the March security update, the new feature is coming to the powerful device. The Note family of phones will not be getting an update this year. As a result, it is important that the Note 20 Ultra stays up-to-date and fresh.

The new update will see US customers have the latest security and the ability to support eSIMs now. The Note 20 Ultra will also get Dual SIM Standby Support. This will let the device have two active phone numbers working at the same time. This will be good for any business people who may have multiple clients but want to separate business and personal.

This is also noteworthy because this is the first Samsung device in the U.S. to gain support for eSIM functionality. In addition, it is also the first Android smartphone besides the Google Pixel 5 to support eSIM functionality in the US.


The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra supports eSIM now, the first Samsung device to do so

Even the new shiny Samsung Galaxy S21 does not have the ability to support eSIM functionality like its older sibling. There is more involved in the update as well. The update brings eSIM support, Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) support which has already been covered.

In addition, the update brings device stability improvements or bug fixes, new and enhanced features, and further improvements to performance and security. Of course, all of that is standard for any Android update.

Even though Dual SIM support isn’t the norm here in the US, it is popular elsewhere in the world. By the Note 20 gaining support for it, that may change. The Note 20 Ultra is a very popular device. As such, dual SIM support will now be in more people’s minds.


T-Mobile has a special relationship with Android. They launched the first Android phone back in 2008. The company did not have access to the iPhone for a long time, so it put its stock in Android. 13 years later it is still doing it.

Recently, T-Mobile announced a partnership with Google that would make Android Messages the default choice on all of its Android devices. This will help to bolster Google’s efforts in pushing RCS to more users. As a result of T-Mobile’s support of Android, the company has a nice relationship with Google.

Unfortunately, for users of the base Note 20, there is no word if the new update is coming to it. Only time will tell if it does, but until then Note 20 Ultra users are the only ones with eSIM support.