Galaxy Buds 2 May Launch In June As Samsung's Cheapest True Wireless Earbuds Yet

samsung galaxy buds plus AH

Samsung‘s next pair of truly wireless (TWS) earbuds, supposedly called Galaxy Buds 2, may arrive as its cheapest yet. The new wearable devices will reportedly launch in June this year and succeed the original Galaxy Buds announced in early 2019. The two-year-old pair is currently selling for less than $100 and Samsung is apparently targeting that price segment with its upcoming offering.

This budget-friendly price tag means the new TWS earbuds would do away with a number of premium features. Most notably, it will lack active noise cancellation (ANC). Well, the original Galaxy Buds and even Galaxy Buds+, both lack ANC as well. However, the more recent Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro do offer ANC. They come costlier, of course.

Nonetheless, if you commute regularly, then ANC might be a dealbreaker for you. But Samsung probably knows its target audience for the Galaxy Buds 2 and is designing it accordingly.


Moving on, the Galaxy Buds 2 may also lack the Buds Pro’s immersive 360 audio. Not very surprising again, though. The new buds will reportedly be identical to the Galaxy Buds+ in terms of design. But Samsung could offer a slightly larger case with the new model.

A larger case signals to only one thing – bigger batteries. Samsung’s TWS earbuds already offer excellent battery endurance. So a bigger battery should further improve that. Again, this suggests a product designed for a specific target audience.

Galaxy Buds 2 could launch in June

The recent report suggests that the Galaxy Buds 2 may arrive in the market as early as June 2021. The source doesn’t go into detail about the launch date but says the device is already in development. It will reportedly be available in a “wide array of pastel shade colorways”. This should give the new buds a “punchy look”. Perhaps the “berry” codename has something to do with this.


If you recall, an APK teardown of Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app last month revealed that the company is internally referring to the Galaxy Buds 2 as “berry”. No other notable information was revealed back then. However, the recent report now paints a clearer picture of the new Galaxy earbuds. That said, these are still unconfirmed claims and we advise you to take them with a pinch of salt.

Samsung’s TWS earbuds lineup currently consists of four models: Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Buds Pro. Once the Galaxy Buds 2 arrives, the company may phase out the original Galaxy Buds. It now remains to be seen how Samsung prices the new models.