The Fitbit Luxe Is The Fitness Tracker For The Fashion-Forward User

Fitbit Luxe Fitness Tracler 1

Fitbit has officially unveiled the Luxe today, its fitness tracker for the fashion-forward user. The Luxe recently appeared in some leaked images. Showcasing the style and three available colors.

What wasn’t revealed with the leak were things like price, availability, and most of the features. But Fitbit is now ready to lay all the cards on the table for the Luxe, positioning it as the perfect fitness tracker for anyone who wants a more fashionable style for their wearables.

The design incorporates a more “holistic approach” to fitness tracking, and includes things like stress management and Fitbit’s now popular Active Zone Minutes.


The Fitbit Luxe fitness tracker is up for pre-order starting today

In addition to sharing more information about the Luxe, Fitbit is also putting it up for pre-order. It doesn’t officially go on sale until a little bit later this year. But you can purchase it now for $149.95 and it comes with six months free of Fitbit Premium.

It uses a color AMOLED touch display and comes in three colors. Graphite, Platinum, and Soft Gold. Fitbit will also offer a range of different colored straps. Including stainless steel link bracelets, soft gold stainless steel mesh, platinum stainless steel mesh, Horween leather and more.

Although, none of those actually come with the tracker and will cost extra. The leather wrap straps will cost about $50 a piece, and it goes up from there with the stainless steel mesh going up to $80, while the link bracelet is an additional $100. Fitbit does also offer a special edition Luxe that comes with a soft gold link bracelet for $199, $50 more than the standard Luxe price.


You can also get additional silicone straps for around $30, or fabric straps for around $35.

Curb your stress for up to 5 days on a single charge

Fitbit Luxe Fitness Tracler 4

Stress management appears to be a big feature focus of this tracker, among other things like sleep tracking and Active Zone Minutes.


Fitbit says it can last for up to 5 days on a single charge too. That isn’t exactly a wild amount for fitness trackers nor is it the longest battery life of anything Fitbit offers. As more than a few will last for up to a week or more.

But the slight decrease compared to others is likely due to the use of the color touch display. Fitbit says the screen is twice as bright as the one on the Charge 4 or the Inspire 2.

As of today the Fitbit Luxe is available directly from Fitbit’s website. You can also find it at Best Buy. It’ll also eventually be available from retail partners.