Here's How To Check If Facebook Leaked Your Information

Facebook Logo Nov 15 2018 AH

As you may know, Facebook is in the middle of a data leak scandal again. As a result of this leak, 533 million users’ information is floating around the internet. According to The Verge, it is possible to see if Facebook leaked your information. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to check if your information is floating around.

In addition to 533 million users, over 106 countries are affected too. The information that got leaked is users’ phone numbers, Facebook IDs, birthdates, and unfortunately more. Of course the first thing many people are wondering if they were affected.

After wondering that many users probably want to learn how to check. Luckily there are ways to check. There is Have I Been Pwned which is a well-known site that tracks data breaches. It’s pretty easy to use too. Simply click that link, input your email address, and get your results.


This website will also let you know if you have been involved in any other breaches. As of right now, you can only check using your email address. But, the creator of Have I Been Pwned may change that.

He tweeted out a poll asking if the website should be able to use phone numbers to check too. Now if you want to check if your phone number has been led there is another tool. There is a site known as The News Each Day which comes recommended as well.

If you’re worried Facebook leaked your information, there are way to check

With this tool, you can put in your phone number to find out if you have been affected by the Facebook breach. Unfortunately, this tool is a bit unknown. Even though The News Each Day is recommended, many of you may want to stick with a more trusted tool. Like, Have I Been Pwned.

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Now the question is what to do if you find out you have been caught up in the breach. The main thing would be to change your passwords for any accounts that have been affected. If you aren’t the best at coming up with strong passwords, like many people, you can use a password manager.

After changing your password you can consider setting up two-factor authentication. This will make it harder for any malicious parties to get your information. Unfortunately, data breaches are a part of our digital lives, but Facebook and other companies have to do better.

Users give their data to these platforms willingly. Is it really so much to ask to keep our data safe? Either way, check to see if you have been affected and if you have then take the necessary steps to secure your accounts.