Discord No Longer Wants To Sell Due To Increased Success


Discord may have been in talks with Microsoft about a deal to sell, but that no longer seems to be the case. The popular chat communication tool which rose to the top of the pile through its gaming-related approach, has been doing quite well.

So well in fact, that Discord apparently no longer wants to sell. A new report from The Wall Street Journal notes that Discord has ended talks with Microsoft over the deal that was on the table.

In recent weeks, details arose that Discord had been shopping itself around, with multiple potential buyers said to be having discussions. Microsoft was apparently one of those companies. This sparked conversation that Xbox owners could soon be treated to official, native Discord support on their consoles. That dream is now seemingly dead.


For Discord, a $10 Billion deal with Microsoft is unnecessary

Discord may have ended talks with Microsoft because it wants to stay independent for now. But that isn’t the same thing as there will never be a deal.

According to The Wall Street Journal Discord and Microsoft are both open to the idea of a deal in the future. For now the talks are done. But the two companies could end up deciding to resume talks later on. This could be a boon for either company.

Discord could continue forging its own path and end up in resumed talks with an even higher valuation. Or its valuation could end up lower.


Discord isn’t profitable, but it has renewed interest an going public

Discord’s success doesn’t seem to be internally measured by the amount of profit it’s making. Which is none. The report states that Discord still isn’t profitable. Even though it has more than 140 million monthly subscribers and amassed over $130 million in revenue last year.

Despite no profit, Discord is still continuing to grow. Part of which is likely due to its cultivation of expanding beyond the borders of gaming. Once known as the de facto gaming chat tool for many players, Discord has evolved into the place to be to chat about anything with a wide range of different communities, and not just about gaming.

This has no doubt helped its appeal with non-gamers and casual gamers. Who might not be looking for a chat tool during gaming sessions. But might want just a robust app with lots of cool features to keep in contact with friends. Discord is currently available for Windows, Mac, Linux, browsers, Android, and iOS.