Dude, You're Getting A DELL Gaming Monitor

New 2021 DELL Gaming Monitors 2

DELL is ready to be your next gaming monitor brand, having just announced four new monitors designed for gaming, and three of them are coming with curved screens.

The slate of choices covers the range of consumers looking for a specific product. Like DELL’s 34-inch WQHD (3440 x 1440) curved ultrawide monitor that has an 1800R curvature and a 144Hz refresh rate.

DELL plans to release this monitor globally, and players in the US can buy it on May 27. Although, the company hasn’t mentioned a cost yet so you won’t know how much you have to spend until it’s closer to the monitor’s release. In fact DELL hasn’t announced pricing for any of the new gaming monitors it announced today. But you can bet that the largest one is probably the most expensive, or close to it.


Every DELL gaming monitor from the bunch supports VRR for consoles

All four gaming monitors will have their personal strengths, but there is at least one feature that can be listed across the board. Variable Refresh Rate. Just having that alone isn’t the big deal though.

The more important detail is that VRR on these monitors will be compatible with both PC and consoles. Which means your newly acquired PS5 or Xbox Series X will feel right at home connected to one of these monitors.

Though one thing worth considering is that the PS5 for instance, doesn’t support ultrawide aspect ratios. So connecting it to the 34-inch ultrawide DELL just announced might pose some hiccups with the picture. If you want something a bit smaller, there’s a 32-inch curved monitor coming as well.

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This one isn’t ultrawide but it does have a slightly higher refresh rate of 165Hz. It’s also QHD instead of WQHD. There’s a 27-inch gaming monitor as well, which also features a 165Hz refresh rate. This and the 32-inch monitor will release in the US on June 22.

The fourth monitor is the smallest, but has the highest refresh rate

Frames win games, and DELL’s fourth gaming monitor is probably the one you want if you want the highest refresh rates possible. Now keep in mind you’ll need other PC hardware that will allow the machine to run at a refresh rate that high.

With that said, this last monitor has a 24.5-inch screen, and a refresh rate of 240Hz. It also supports G-Sync as opposed to just FreeSync Premium, and it’s the only monitor that isn’t curved. This one will be available in the US on May 27 along with the 34-inch ultrawide model. Again though, DELL hasn’t announced pricing for anything yet.