Coversations Widget Starts Appearing In Android 12 DP3

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Android 12 DP3 has landed yesterday, and a lot of changes have been spotted already. In addition to all that we’ve talked about, it seems like the Conversations widget is also starting to appear in Android 12 DP3, at least for some people, reports 9to5Google.

Conversations widget is somewhat functional in Android 12 DP3, for some people

This new feature allows you to keep tabs of your most important conversations open at all times. This feature leaked a while back, though it wasn’t exactly working, until now.

If you have Android 12 Developer Preview 3 installed, try checking out the widgets list. It is appearing for some people under the “System UI” app. Once you drag and drop it on your display, you’ll be asked to choose a conversation from your recent notifications.


That widget will now be permanently placed on your homescreen, so that you can see new notifications in it. It is a 2×2 widget, though you can resize it to be larger, and thus show more information. You can even add such a widget for group conversations.

Android 12 DP3 Conversations widget 9to5Google

As you resize it, you’ll notice that it changes colors. It is colored dynamically, and those colors are based on your wallpaper. This is something we didn’t know will happen once the widget becomes functional, but it is in line with the reports that a new color-theming system is coming to Android 12.


The feature is not fully functional at the moment

Do note that this feature is appearing to a very small number of people, so chances are you won’t be able to access it even if you have Android 12 Developer Preview 3 installed on your device.

The feature is expected to become more functional in upcoming Android 12 Beta builds, before it becomes fully stable in the final Android 12 build that will arrive later this year.

The Conversations widget feature is one of the most interesting, and most anticipated features of Android 12, without a doubt. It is a new way to handle notifications, basically.