Chromecast With Google TV Update Brings Neat Changes

Google TV Chromecast 2 AM AH 6

Those who use Chromecast to stream their Google TV content have some goodies in the form of an update to the platform. According to a Reddit post, the update brings some neat changes including granular video controls.

It’s a hefty update with features and additions

The Chromecast with Google TV update comes in at 166MB. With the update, there’s a decently long list of changes and additions to the software. Firstly, there are granular settings for HDR video. These affect the resolution, the refresh rate, and the color formats. These should be great for people who like to tweak their HDR settings in order to have an optimal viewing experience.

Next are HDMI hotplug improvements. HDMI hotplugging is when you plug an HDMI cable into a monitor while it and the other device are powered on. There was no additional information on what exactly is being improved. All that was stated was “helping your Chromecast detect the best TV settings available.”


Another change is HDMI-CEC. This is the technology that allows connected devices to communicate back and forth with your TV and have some control over it- think about how some smart TVs automatically turn on when you plug your gaming system in. This may be exactly what Google is adding to the Chromecast. You will be able to turn on and off your TV with the device.

Other changes include signal improvements and a security patch

The list of improvements includes Wi-Fi 5 GHz performance boosts. Along with that, there are improvements to mesh network behavior. Also, there are improvements to the Bluetooth performance. There’s a stuttering audio issue when streaming audio to Bluetooth devices. Rounding out the improvements list is the addition of the April 2021 security patch.

Chromecast is a strong player in the streaming device market

Chromecast has been around for a while. The small circular device lets users stream content over Wi-Fi directly to their TV. You have your pick from Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Google TV, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, and many more services. It was introduced back in 2013. Chromecast has been a budget alternative to more expensive streaming devices. The base model comes in at around $30.


If you want a better viewing experience, the $69.99 Chromecast Ultra may be the right fit. With that, you can stream HDR content at 4K resolution. This is where this new Chromecast with Google TV update shines. The update should be live for all users by now. If not, keep checking your update settings for the OTA.