Changing Your YouTube Channel Name Is Now Much Easier

YouTube AH NS 06

Folks who own a YouTube channel are familiar with the struggle of changing their channel name. It seems that YouTube has finally acknowledged this. According to The Verge, it’s now easier for people to edit their channel names.

To change your name, use the YouTube Creator Studio

In order to change your name, all you have to do is use the Creator Studio feature. Go under Customization and look for the Basic Info tab. From there, it’s self-explanitory. If you want to change your channel thumbnail, go to the Branding tab.

There is a drawback to this method, however. If you have a verification badge for your account, it will be removed once you change your name. When this happens, you will need to reapply for the badge. We’re not sure about how long it will take for you to receive your badge again.


Changing your YouTube channel name used to be a pain

Before, changing your Youtube channel name was a bit of an annoyance. You would have to go through the Google accounts site and edit your name there. You’d get warned about changing your name too much. After that, it would usually take a bit before the change was finalized. It was the same for editing your thumbnail.

This was a bit of a pain point, not only because you had to go to an external site or app, but because your YouTube name was tied to the name on your Google account. This means that if you changed your YouTube Channel name, you’d be changing the name that would appear on your emails.

Other YouTube involves YouTube TV expansion

Firstly, T-Mobile has shut down its T-Vision service that provided television stations. The company struck a deal with YouTube. Now, instead of providing its own television service, T-Mobile will be using YouTube TV for its higher tiers. T-Vision didn’t last long, and it wasn’t getting the results that the company wanted. T-Vision will be officially dead on April 29th.


Google has shut down its Google Play TV & Movies apps on Roku and on Samsung, LG, and Visio smart TVs. Folks who own those devices will be able to access their content on YouTube TV. The app will shut down for these devices on June 15th. Read more about it here.

Being able to change your YouTube channel name from the creator studio may be a small convenience, but YouTube stated that this was a “top request from creators.”