Building Your Own YouTube Channel From Scratch

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If you’ve been thinking about creating your own YouTube channel, you’re not alone. Statistics show that the number of six figure earners on YouTube grows by 40% each year — which means that if you take the time to create an interesting channel with loads of awesome content, you could begin to cash in on that action.

Start with a Niche

The cool thing about YouTube is that you can pretty much find anything of interest on there (and some things totally not of interest!). From tiny ingredient cooking to lullaby singing and meditation, there is a wide range of content posted on YouTube each day. 500 hours of footage is uploaded onto YouTube every hour, as a matter of fact.

Just the same, you will want to have something unique and distinctive to offer your viewers/followers. Take a look at some successful YouTube channels that operate in your same arena and model your channel off of theirs, but add something that they’re not doing into the mix.


Customize Your Channel

Add a name for your channel as well as a profile picture — try to keep it on-brand, of course. You can also add a description of your channel, and, when the time comes, direct viewers to a slick website (once you create one).

Create Great Content

The major key to having a successful YouTube channel (in addition to building your viewership, of course) is posting awesome content consistently. It doesn’t matter if you’re a log cabin builder showing a project from start to finish, a DIY guru, or a comedian, you have to start posting and showing some videos in order to establish legitimacy.

You can start by filming YouTube videos (even if it’s just you talking into the camera about something you’re passionate about) right away with your smartphone. Uploading to YouTube is easy, and it’s a good idea to start a separate Facebook and Instagram account — this way you can start building your followers.


Build an Organic Following

Via Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube itself, promote your videos and your YouTube channel, and remind people to subscribe. You will want to interact and be social on various social media channels. Give out a ton of likes and follow a bunch of like minded content creators, and, in turn, people will start following you.

Even if you just start out by showing your stuff to social media friends and family members, you will notice that your following and viewership will quickly begin to blossom.

Financing Your YouTube Channel/Content

As you begin to create, you might be interested in purchasing better equipment in order to boost production value on your YouTube content. Title loans are a viable way to gather quick cash (if you own your vehicle, that is) in order to push your YouTube channel forward. Make sure you’re able to make your payments on time and you will be able to keep your vehicle as well.


Making sure to post consistently and to refine your brand/content as you go will be important as you continue along the path of YouTube channel stardom. Good luck!