BlackBerry KEY 3 That Never Was, And Never Will Be: Concept

BlackBerry KEY 3 concept design 2

BlackBerry is no longer a smartphone manufacturer, so we’ll never see the BlackBerry KEY 3 out there. One particular designer felt inspired, though, and decided to create the BlackBerry KEY 3 concept. That concept appeared on the Concept Creator YouTube channel, and was created in collaboration with Letsgodigital.

Before we get into it, however, it’s worth noting that BlackBerry’s partnership with TCL ended last year, so not even TCL is making BlackBerry devices at this point. The company even sold 90 of its key smartphone patents to Huawei back in January.

The BlackBerry KEY 2 was one of the most interesting smartphones back in 2018

Having said that, the BlackBerry Keyone and KEY 2 were quite interesting smartphones. Those two phones came with Android, and had a touchscreen, and yet also offered a fully physical QWERTY keyboard.


The BlackBerry KEY 2 arrived back in June 2018, and it was not a bad phone, not at all. BlackBerry, however, took too long to come up with its own OS for smartphones, which failed. At that point, it turned to Android, but it was also too late for them.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out the video embedded below the article. You’ll be able to see the BlackBerry KEY 3 concept that we’ve mentioned. This device is heavily inspired by the BlackBerry KEY 2.

This BlackBerry KEY 3 concept design doesn’t include a physical QWERTY keyboard

What’s interesting here, is that the designer didn’t include a physical QWERTY keyboard on this phone. That kind of defeats the purpose, as its predecessors were all about that QWERTY keyboard.


This handset is also quite tall and narrow. There is a QWERTY keyboard shown at the very bottom, but it seems to be digital. Perhaps the designer envisioned it to be there all the time? Well, that’s completely possible considering this phone is extremely tall and narrow. The aspect ratio of its display may be the tallest we’ve seen.

Its top and bottom sides are completely flat

The device has three cameras on the back, they’re centered, and vertically aligned. Its top and bottom sides are completely flat, while the left and right sides are completely rounded. The display is also curved a bit. This reminds us of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, actually.

This handset is far from being realistic, mainly due to its display aspect ratio, but it’s interesting to look at. That is usually the main point of concept designs.