Best Apps For Bitcoin Enthusiasts

Bitcoin Android apps

Android and iOS apps have been vital to the success of Bitcoin. They have allowed users to keep track of their favorite cryptocurrency from the convenience of their homes. Given the recent surge in Bitcoin prices due to the pandemic, novel apps are coming in that facilitate users in taking advantage of the current bull market. Here are some of the noteworthy ones if you’ve missed out on them.

CoinATMRadar app

With the growing price in Bitcoin, you may have secured a hefty profit or want to join the crypto craze. However, when selling Bitcoins, you’ll find that withdrawals at exchanges take their sweet time, and you’ll have to wait to lock in on those gains. A crypto ATM is, therefore, a better option for liquidating your crypto assets quickly. Note that a majority of ATMs are buy-only, but you can quickly learn about them using CoinATMRadar, a free android app available on both the App and Google store. It allows you to search for crypto ATMs near you, giving you information like address, fees, and limits. Additionally, you can filter your search by coin as well. For more information you can visit Bitcoin Era.

Trust Wallet

Bitcoin gurus will tell you that the most secure way to store your Bitcoin is via a cold wallet – a hardware wallet not connected to the blockchain or any network that can compromise its security. But, these are inconvenient as people don’t carry them and are essentially USBs that need to be plugged into a computer. Hence, having a hot wallet can come in handy. But Trust Wallet is more than that. It not only stores Bitcoin and other hundreds of thousands of crypto assets but also lets you trade, buy, stake, and supply them. Additionally, its built-in browser allows for a secure connection while you use decentralized apps. All of these features are free, available on the android and app store.



With Bitcoin’s volatility, it may become challenging to keep track of its mercurial prices and monitor how your portfolio is doing. This is especially important for those who are new to the crypto game and use excel sheets to keep track of changes. BlockFolio is an app that does this all for you, allowing you to conveniently monitor your portfolio on the go. It’s a beautifully designed free app available on the android and app store that’s straightforward to use. It has a plethora of features like a news aggregator that allows you to research Bitcoin trends from credible sources. Perhaps its most important feature is alerts, notifying the user of Bitcoin price movements as they happen so you can lock in profits based on your trade strategy.


We are all aware of the time value of money, and Bitcoin is no stranger to it as well. Many investors bank on Bitcoin’s value to rise significantly with time so they can cash in on its gains. However, during that time, it’s of no use to anyone. That is unless you supply it and earn interest in it. That’s exactly what Celsius’s app on android and iOS lets you do. You can supply Bitcoin and earn back in Bitcoin, but this won’t give you as much interest. If you opt to earn in Celsius’ CEL token, then you can earn up to 20% in interest!


A mention of crypto apps cannot go with mentioning a crypto exchange. If you’re tired of poor customer service and endless downtimes of other exchanges, then Binance’s android or iOS app might be the right fit for you. It offers you to dabble in more than 700 altcoins, including Bitcoin, and allows you to purchase them using your credit or debit card. It has the best liquidity amongst all the exchanges, allowing users to cash in on their gains quickly. You can even schedule recurring purchases to take advantage of price hikes or if you’re using a skimming strategy.


Recently, Binance integrated their crypto card with their app, allowing European users to go through with crypto transactions. The service may soon be available to other users throughout the world.