AT&T Fiber Speeds Get Increased Quite A Bit, With No Extra Cost

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AT&T Fiber customers are in luck, as the company has decided to boost their internet speeds. The company has boosted speeds for entry and middle AT&T Fiber plans to 300Mbps and 500Mbps, respectively.

AT&T Fiber speeds increased for entry and mid-level plans, with no extra cost

So, just to be clear, the entry-level AT&T Fiber plan is getting an increase from 100Mbps to 300Mbps, while the mid-level plans will be boosted from 300Mbps to 500Mbps. Both plans are getting a 200Mbps boost, and there are no extra costs included.

This will be especially notable for entry-level plan users, as their speeds will be three times as fast. If you’re currently using the AT&T Fiber 1 GIG plan (Internet 1000), well, don’t expect any speed-related changes.


You can already subscribe to any of AT&T Fiber plans with new speeds included. The entry-level AT&T Fiber with 300Mbps costs $35 per month for a year (plus taxes and $10/month equip fee).

The mid-level 500Mbps plan will set you back $45 per month for a year (plus taxes and $10/month equip fee). If you’d like to opt for the top-level 1 GIG plan, you’ll need to part with $60 per month for a year (plus taxes and $10/month equip fee).

AT&T Fiber users are also getting the AT&T Internet Security for free

Now, the speed increase is important, but it’s not the only change AT&T is making. The company said that AT&T Fiber customers can also get the AT&T Internet Security at no additional cost.


ATT Internet Security

The AT&T Internet Security is available via the Smart Home Manager app. It’s a new addition to the AT&T ActiveArmor security suite that the company is providing.

This will be quite a popular move by AT&T, and it will surely make AT&T Fiber customers happy. The entry-level plan got a huge boost, while the mid-level users will be happy as well. This will surely attract more users to AT&T Fiber as well, especially considering no extra costs are included.