AT&T Has A Way For Low-Income Families To Save On Broadband Bills

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AT&T is announcing a way for low-income families to save money on monthly broadband and wireless bills through something called its EBB (emergency broadband benefit) program.

These savings will apply to both AT&T and Cricket wireline and wireless offerings. Though there are some terms that will set which customers qualify and which plans are compatible. As not all customers will be able to receive the benefit. Additionally, not all plans will be compatible with the discount.

If customers qualify, they can get a discount of up to $50 a month on select broadband internet plans from AT&T. The same thing goes for select wireless plans from Cricket Wireless. Also worth noting is that select Cricket Wireless prepaid and AT&T prepaid are compatible.


AT&T does plan to announce a set of discounts for postpaid offerings soon too.

AT&T EBB offers include free wireless internet

The past year has been a tough time for everyone. And staying connected has never been more important. To help, AT&T is beginning enrollment for its EBB wireless offerings on May 12.

Those interested in saving money or getting these discounts will need to apply through either AT&T or Cricket. And AT&T says the discounts can be for both new and existing customers. To start, qualified subscribers can get the Cricket Core plan for free after the autopay discount. Which comes with unlimited calls and data.


There’s also the Cricket More plan which is the same as the former, but it adds on 15GB of mobile hotspot use. This ends up being $5 after the autopay discount. For those that just need data, there’s the Cricket Simply Data plan which comes with 100GB of high-speed data. It comes at a cost of $5 as part of the EBB offerings and requires no autopay discount to be applied like the other two.

For the AT&T side of things, there’s the AT&T Prepaid 15G plan which is 15GB of high-speed data for free, and an unlimited version of this plan which is unlimited high-speed data. This is also free, though it will require the autopay discount to be applied.

AT&T also has a data-only plan which is 100GB of high-speed data and 5G access, costing only $5. Lastly there’s Prepaid Unlimited Plus plan. This plan offers unlimited high-speed data, 10GB of mobile hotspot, 100GB of cloud storage, and 5G access for $10 if the autopay discount is applied.


As noted these plans will be become available on or after May 12.