New Android Malware Aims To Steal Your Passwords

Privacy Cyber Security AH Nov AH 2019

A new Android malware has been discovered, and its main goal is to steal your passwords. It can also get ahold of your bank details, and other sensitive information.

“FluBot” is a new Android malware that wants to steal your passwords

The information has been published by ZDNet, and the malware in question is called “FluBot”. This malware is spreading fast, and is installed via text messages which claim to be from a delivery company.

That text message, that you may receive, will ask you to click a link in order to track package delivery. Needless to say, that is a phishing link, which will ask you to install an app in order to follow a fake delivery. So, whatever you do, don’t install it, or better yet, don’t click the link at all.


Once it’s installed on your phone, FluBot can get access to your address book, and it can send such phishing links to your contacts. That way, it continues to spread its influence.

This malware has had the greatest impact in the UK, it seems. The UK’s National Cyber Guidance Security Centre (NCSC) has issued security guidance on how to identify and remove FluBot. In addition to that, both Three and Vodafone (network providers) have issued a warning to their users.

This malware often disguises as DHL, Amazon, and so on

Now, a message that you may receive from FluBot most often claims to come from DHL, though other brands are also in the mix, including Asda, Amazon, and Argos.


Once you click that phishing link, you’ll be taken to a website where you’ll be able to download the aforementioned APK. Now, your phone will warn you not to install a third-party APK, and if you heed to that warning, you’ll be just fine.

It is noted that this malware can only infect Android devices, by the way. FluBot is just one in line of malware attacks that we’ve seen this year. Be careful when you’re installing an APK that doesn’t come from the Play Store, you never know what you may get.