Android Fast Pair UI Redesign Is Official, Works With 100+ Headphones

Android Fast Pair

Google‘s Fast Pair feature is getting a UI redesign. This change has been coming over the past few months and the company has now officially announced it. According to Google, the “new Fast Pair experience” makes connecting to Bluetooth devices more simple and convenient, all with a single tap. Fast Pair works with over 100 Bluetooth headphones from manufacturers like JBL, Sony, and many others.

This Fast Pair redesign was first spotted back in December last year. When pairing a Bluetooth device for the first time with your Android smartphone, you will see a large, dismissable pop-up UI with a giant animation of the device being paired. As 9to5Google notes, device manufacturers likely have to provide Google with that animation for use in Fast Pair.

A big blue “Connect” button at the bottom will let you initiate the one-tap pairing process. Once paired, the screen will say, “Your device is connected”. You have the option to either continue “Setup” or “Close”.”

The pop-up page, which almost covers the bottom half of the screen, also names the Bluetooth device in question. Moreover, it also states that the device will be linked with your Google Account and will appear in all devices you are using with that account.

Android Fast Pair gets a UI redesign

Since the initial launch back in October 2017, Android Fast Pair hadn’t got any UI redesign. Well, not until now. It featured a standard dismissable pop-up notification that included a thumbnail of the device you’re pairing. A simple tap on the notification would initiate pairing and then provide a confirmation.

However, since the notification appeared at the top, like any other app notification, there was a possibility that you’d miss out on it, or swipe it away. The new Fast Pair UI, meanwhile, features a large page sliding from the bottom. It easily catches your attention and hence you are less likely to dismiss it.

The updated Fast Pair layout, which takes inspiration from iOS, initially worked with first-party Google accessories such as the Pixel Buds. But as of last month, it started rolling out widely as part of a Google Play services update. Bluetooth headsets from OnePlus and Bose, as well as Fitbit smartwatches, the new UI appeared to be working with them all.


Now, a month later, Google has officially announced the new Fast Pair experience. The announcement specifically mentions support for over 100 headphones models. So it’s unclear whether the redesigned Fast Pair layout is available for compatible smartwatches. It would be nice if Google extended support to Wear OS devices as well.