Android 12 DP3 Makes It Easier To Access Saved Passwords

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Android 12 DP3 update made it easier to access saved passwords. Your login information is now easier to access, you don’t have to jump between menus in order to do so.

Android 12 DP3 changes things up in the passwords department

Google has renamed the “Accounts” page in the Settings to “Passwords and accounts”. In addition to that, it changed its content a bit. The main list that you’re used to is still there, but the autofill settings are now separate as well.

Autofill services are on the main list now, making them much easier to spot and access. This change basically makes it easy to manage both your accounts and passwords from a single page, which is great, of course.


Android 12 DP3 autofill passwords Android Police

Google didn’t always have the right idea when it comes to placing options within menus, so we had to dig through tons of submenus in order to access some features. That was the case with autofill services, for example.

The Password Manager is the only missing piece in the “Passwords and accounts” menu

Now, as Android Police mentioned, it would be great if Google also placed the password manager inside this menu. Truth be said, that’s not phone-specific, it’s related to your Gmail address, but still, it would be nice to have it here for easy access.


Google has changed a lot of things via three Developer Preview builds for Android 12 that it released thus far. The company is expected to release two Beta builds for the OS, before a stable build lands.

A stable Android 12 build is coming in August, by the way, so we’re still a couple of months away from that point. Android 12 is taking shape, and by the looks of it, it will bring the biggest design change to Android in years.

Google has rounded up UI elements, added quite a few new features, changed up the animations, brought a new Settings menu to life, and much more. More changes / features are expected to follow in upcoming Beta builds.