Android 12 DP3 Brings A Search Bar To The Widget Picker

AH Android 12 DP3 search widgets

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 landed yesterday, and it brought quite a few new changes. We’ve already talked about a lot of them, but new ones keep on surfacing. The latest Android 12 DP3 change has seen a search bar added to the widget picker screen.

Android 12 DP3 makes the widget picker easier to use by adding a search bar

Android 12 DP2 delivered a redesign to the widget picker screen, and now you can search for specific widgets or widget groups thanks to the search bar that Google added.

Android 12 DP3 widget search bar


You can simply type in “Calendar” to see all available calendar widgets, for example. This can be really handy if you have several calendar apps installed, or you simply don’t want to scroll through the list.

Together with the new design, this is a major improvement. The new design on its own is an improvement, as it organizes widgets into drop-down menus. You can still open only one drop-down menu at a time, and if you open a second, the previous one will close on its own.

Once you find what you’re looking for, you’ll need to drag and drop that widget to your home screen. In other words, adding widgets works the same way it worked thus far.


These changes will be available in the final Android 12 build

These changes will be present in the final build of Android 12, that’s for sure. Android 12 is taking shape, as Google added some new features in each of the Developer Previews, and more of them are coming.

Android 12 Beta builds are also coming, before the stable build arrives. Those beta builds will surely add more features to the table, in addition to fully enabling some that are partially functioning at the moment.

Quite a few upcoming features are still not accessible at all, or hidden behind flags, so we’re expecting some of them to become functioning as well. It seems like Android 12 will be the biggest change to Android in quite some time.