Here's Android 12 Developer Preview 3!

Android 12 Logo AH 1

Google has just released Android 12 Developer Preview 3, which should be the last developer preview for Android 12. Next month, we should be getting our first beta. Which should also coincide with Google I/O, which is set for May 18-20.

Like the previous developer previews, this one will be available on the Pixel 3 and later. And you’ll also have to sideload or flash the preview onto your Pixel device. As the Beta Program for Android 12 is not yet open, so there’s no OTA’s just yet. But that is expected to change next month with the first beta for Android 12.

You can download the third developer preview from Google here. And sideload the OTA from here. If you need help flashing the factory image or sideloading the OTA onto your Pixel device, you can check out this tutorial here.


What’s new in this developer preview?

Since this is still a developer preview and not a beta, the majority of these changes are still developer facing changes. However, there are still a few changes for Android 12 in this developer preview.

Google is expanding the haptic experiences in Android 12. Developers will be able to use new haptic feedback to emphasize key events and actions in the UI.

Google has also improved app links. With this latest preview, it brings a frictionless linking experience. Allowing developers to get users clicking on a link they own into their app faster.


The last big change is in regards to app launch animations. Google wanted to give the app startup experience a bit more consistency. So in Android 12 Developer Preview 3, there is a new launch experience. Where developers can customize to fit their app branding and design.

There will likely be some other changes found in this preview, but these are the major ones that Google is talking about in its press release.