Amazon Brings Better ANC & Comfort In 2nd Gen Echo Buds

Echo Buds Glacier White Outside

Amazon has just announced its second-generation Echo Buds today, and it is priced pretty aggressively, especially considering the features that are here. The Echo Buds are going to be priced at $119 with the USB-C case, or you can get a pair with a wireless charging case for just $139.

With the debut of these new Echo Buds, Amazon is also discounting the first generation Echo Buds down to $99. And the wireless pair will be $119. But this is for a limited time, likely until stock has run out.

So what’s new in the Echo Buds?

Amazon has made the Echo Buds smaller this time around. Which helps to make them more comfortable to wear. Amazon also gave the Echo Buds a new vented design, similar to the AirPods Pro and Pixel Buds. This helps to reduce ear pressure. The nozzle was also shortened, so they don’t sit so deep in your ear canal. And finally, the ear tips are now oval shaped, and there are still four sizes included.


Amazon has improved the noise reduction on the second generation Echo Buds. Amazon claims that they “cancel twice as much noise” compared to the previous model. Sound quality has also been improved.

As Amazon notes “Echo Buds deliver crisp, balanced sound with extended dynamic range – so you get the most out of your music, regardless of genre. The premium speakers are optimized for increased fidelity in bass and treble, which reduces distortion during media playback, delivering vibrant melodies and clear spoken word.”

Battery life is about five hours of continuous playback, or around 15 hours with the included carrying case. That isn’t the best, but pretty decent.


The Echo Buds are available for pre-order now and will launch on May 13. These are priced super aggressive, even cheaper than some of Anker’s earbuds. Which are decent earbuds, but we wouldn’t say they were “premium” earbuds.

And for a limited time, the new second-generation Echo Buds are $20 lower, coming in at $99. And Amazon is also giving you a free six month Audible Plus free trial with your new Echo Buds.

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