Amazon Prime Music App Gets Car Mode For Easier Use While Driving

amazon music car mode

According to Engadget, Amazon has added Car Mode to its Amazon Prime Music mobile application. This is meant to ease the use of the app while driving.

Amazon Prime Music Car Mode is a feature that brings a simplified version of the music streaming app. It introduces bigger texts, bigger buttons for playback control, easy access to Alexa.

When you enable Car Mode manually from the menu or it automatically detects a Bluetooth connection to a car, the Amazon Prime Music app will switch over to the Car Mode.


It will show you streamlined controls that include swiping, custom presets, and larger texts to show which song is playing, etc. This mode is added to make it easier for drivers to control the music while they focus on driving.

Once the Amazon Prime Music is in Car Mode, it will be divided into two sections. The upper section will show you all the playback controls like play, pause, skip, and more.

While the bottom section is dedicated to music suggestions, playlists, which you can switch between via a swipe or a tap. Moreover, you can also trigger the Alexa voice assistant for a hands-free experience.


Car Mode does not add any new functionality/features to Amazon Music app

Since it is a new feature, one would expect it to bring some new features with it. However, the Car Mode for Amazon Music app does not add any new features.

It just simplifies the controls and music streaming in your car to provide you with easy access to playback control while you drive. The bigger texts, bigger controls, make it easy to switch songs or dive into a new playlist.

Notably, the search button is removed as Amazon is emphasizing using the Alexa voice assistant to search for your favorite songs.


If you have an older car, you can enable this Car Mode feature within the app by heading over to Settings, and tap on Car Mode. This feature is available for iOS and Android users across the globe.

In order to exit from Car Mode, you need to tap on the “Exit Car” button. Besides, you can simply disable the Bluetooth on your phone to quickly exit from this mode.

This feature is similar to Spotify Car View, which was enabled on the music streaming app last year. With the latest addition, Amazon hopes to make it big against its rivals, i.e. Spotify and Apple Music.