Amazon Luna Now Works Better With Crappy Internet

Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming 6

Amazon Luna is the newest of the cloud gaming services made available to players, but it’s also the only one that never offered 720p streaming as an option. That’s now over. Because Amazon today announced that it now offers the lower resolution option for streaming.

In short, it now works better with crappy internet. So if your connection is poor, setting things to stream at 720p should definitely help. “Should” does not necessarily mean that it will though. And there’s a difference between a poor internet connection and a slow internet connection.

Your internet could be slow and still work just fine for cloud gaming. Google Stadia for example works on internet with download speeds as low as 5-10Mbps. Luna is the same. But Things don’t always work so well when your connection is poor since it cuts in and out more often.


Amazon is positioning the 720p streaming for Luna as a savior for data limits

Amazon may be intending this to be a benefit for data limits, but many people these days don’t have data caps on their plan. And those that do are likely to have caps of 1TB. Which is quite a lot unless you’re doing nothing but stream games through Luna all day every day.

Still, the 720p streaming option is going to help Amazon Luna users actually use less data. Compared to 1080p which uses up about 10GB an hour, streaming in 720p will use up half of that. So you’ll only go through 5GB an hour when you play games at the lower resolution. If you’re playing games on a smartphone screen, 720p also provides a fairly adequate visual experience.

Of course the fact that it needs less bandwidth is going to really benefit users who don’t have reliable internet connections. Regardless of whatever the speeds are.


Setting your streams to 720p is quick and easy

Amazon Luna 720p

There’s a couple steps to getting your streams down to a more manageable resolution. The first obviously being that you need to have Luna open and running.

From there simply go to the settings menu and the stream quality should be one of the first things you see. Listed under the video resolution option at the top of the page, you’ll see both 1080p and 720p. Now 720p isn’t the default like it is with Xbox Game Pass. So you’ll need to set it to 720p if you want to use it. There’s also an option for 4K, but this isn’t available just yet.