Amazon Looks To Use Alexa To Make Zoom Rooms Hands-Free

AH Zoom app image 1

Amazon has now announced a complete integration between Zoom Rooms and its Alexa for Business AI. The integration works with Zoom Rooms Appliances. Specifically, that’s those manufactured by DTEN, Logitech, Neat, and Poly.

Once set up, the new integration essentially grants meeting rooms and spaces powered by Zoom Rooms AI superpowers, allowing voice interactions and control for those spaces.

Zoom Rooms by voice will be powered, in part, by Alexa

Now, Amazon’s reason for integrating Alexa for Business with Zoom Rooms is fairly straightforward. According to the company,  citing Gartner, as many as 40-percent of formal meetings will be “facilitated by AI and advanced analytics” by 2022. Gartner released those figures before the ongoing global pandemic sent employees to work from home, too.


Since Covid-19 first started impacting work schedules, Zoom has been exploding in popularity. Ultimately spurring a range of new features for the app and service. Zoom Rooms, conversely, is the company’s software solution for physical locations designed around meetings.

The integration will have the added effect of increasing productivity. According to Amazon, that means linking the tool up with calendar systems and Alexa skills. And reminders will be well-integrated too. Not only for calendar events such as meetings. But also in terms of weather forecasts, news updates, and podcast playback. And, during meetings, Alex for Business can remind attendees and hosts when there are only a few minutes left.

All of that, of course, is powered by voice interactions.


When will this integration occur?

Amazon hasn’t detailed For businesses, Amazon says the new integration is available now via just “a few clicks” in Zoom Rooms. That’s once an organization has gotten started at the Alexa for Business ‘Getting Started’ page. Once active and enabled, all of the features available are readily accessible, from starting or scheduling a meeting to searching for an available meeting room, via voice.