Amazon Alexa Can Now Download Games Directly To Your Console

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Much to the delight of avid gamers, Amazon and Microsoft are teaming up to offer them a slew of new download options via Amazon Alexa.

On April 13, Amazon announced it signed a new partnership with Microsoft. As part of this collaboration, the tech behemoth will be offering gamers new options in terms of downloading their games.

Gamers can now use Amazon Alexa to download their favorite games directly to their Microsoft Xbox console, per PCMag. This is a notable enhancement to video game subscription Xbox Game Pass, which grants access to some popular games.


How to download games using Alexa

You just need a device with Amazon Alexa installed in a bid to download games directly to an Xbox console. In other words, you download a game using smartphones, Echo smart speakers, Echo Buds, and even from a car.

To take full advantage of Alexa’s new ability, you need to make sure you have subscribed to Microsoft’s Xbox Gaming Pass service. Regrettably, those who do not have the service will not be able to use the Alexa Amazon voice command.

To use the new feature, simply say “Alexa, download [game’s name] from Xbox Game Pass.” Note that it is imperative for you to say the name of the game you want to download directly to your console.


Xbox Game Pass boasts an impressive array of over a hundred games. Phone Arena suggests that all of them may be downloadable through Amazon Alexa.

Gamers outside the United States will not be able to download the Game Pass games to their Xbox consoles. The Amazon Alexa voice command currently works specifically for American gamers.

Amazon is planning to make the feature available in other regions soon. Once available in their region, gamers around the world will be able to use their voice to download games via Alexa.


Alexa’s newfangled skill

With more than 100 games up for grabs, gamers are likely to struggle choosing a game to play next. Most gamers will probably rely on YouTube videos or reviews about a game before deciding on the next one, however, they might not be near their consoles at that point.

This Alexa skill option enables you to instantly prepare the game for you without breaking a sweat. This makes downloading fan-favorite games as convenient as possible, however, you need to make sure that your account is linked via the Alexa app.

Without linking the account, you can still access a myriad of information. For instance, they can find  which game is slated to leave Xbox Game Pass, what’s new, what’s popular.


Aside from that, you can even check if a specific game is available, meaning, it serves as an information resource as well.