ADT Is Suing Ring Over Its Outdoor Siren Blue Octagon Design

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It looks like ADT is suing Ring and things will be heading to court soon according to The Ambient. It is all because of Ring’s new Outdoor Siren and its design. You see Ring recently unveiled the Ring Outdoor Siren in March. It was also shown off next to the new Ring Smart Plug and Ring Wall Light Solar.

That is all well and dandy, but its new design is what is getting it in trouble. For anybody who does not know, ADT’s sign is a blue octagon with ADT written in the middle of it. Care to hazard what the Outdoor Siren design looks like? Yep, a blue octagon with the name Ring in the middle.

A little bit about the Outdoor Siren though. It works with Ring’s smart security system, features a white LED night light, red flashing lights for when an alert is in progress, Dusk to Dawn mode, and multiple power supply options. But, the design of it will get it in trouble.


ADT is suing Ring but this isn’t the first time

A statement from ADT says “The complaint asserts Ring adopted a blue octagon mark that is virtually indistinguishable from ADT’s iconic blue octagon mark, which is protected under numerous federal trademark registrations.”

“ADT’s blue octagon is iconic in the security market, proudly displayed on lawn signs and stickers at the homes and businesses of ADT’s more than 6.5 million customers across the United States. Following an attempt to imitate ADT’s lawn signs, Ring went further and blatantly assimilated ADT’s logo into its Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren.”

The blue octagon is pretty iconic for ADT and has been around for a while. The complaint continues to say that Ring is attempting to “reap the benefit of the goodwill associated with ADT’s brand and reputation.”


Consumers could get easily get confused by the design. Despite the fact that the names on the octagon are different, it could still confuse some users. The interesting thing about this legal dispute is that it isn’t the first time they have butted heads.

In 2017 ADT alleges Ring obtained some software and trade secrets which ADT spent years and millions of dollars on. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, maybe Ring is just trying to flatter ADT.

ADT may have this to deal with, but the company recently announced its partnership with Google. The partnership will see ADT and Google teaming up to create a next-generation smart home security system. So, ADT has that good news to take solace in while the company sorts things out with Ring.