Aaron Branch Explains How To Optimize Your Content Across Different Online Platforms

Aaron Branch

Everyone knows by now that content is king, i.e., precious. But not many people can explain what content is exactly!

Content is more than written text. It covers videos such as webinars, YouTube, and TikTok; audios such as Podcasts, radio, and Twitter spaces; written texts such as Reddit, Quora, and blogs; images such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest; and finally, Gifs, Memes and many more.

Content is the expression of information, in any form, through a channel, to an audience. It usually has a purpose and is outcome-oriented.


Step Up Your Social Media Cross-Posting Game

CEO of ad Agency Social Agendas and author of The First 365, Aaron Branch, says that the beginning of growth comes as soon as you understand that content does not only apply to blog posts but all the endless online platforms that drive growth for your business.

You need to explore and utilize different online platforms to keep your audience engaged in the long term. Here’s how:

1. Learn The Language Of Each Social Media Network

Every social media platform speaks a different language. Therefore, it is essential to learn the other capabilities, functions, and tools provided on the sites to optimize your content. For your content to be effective on individual sites, you need to learn which hashtags work for which site and meet character limits. Take advantage of tools such as Twitter cards and other available formats that work for each different channel.


Mastering this art will guarantee your business growth, wider reach, trust, and engagements.

2. Avoid Copy Pasting The Exact Content-Format Across Networks

Some content may need a little tweaking or an entirely different presentation across various social media networks.

For instance, it’s appropriate to post a fun video or picture of your team’s lunch spread on Instagram but not on your brand’s Linkedin page. Longer posts and links may work on Facebook and Linkedin, but not on Twitter.


It’s an excellent opportunity to get creative with the presentation of the same content in unique ways.

3. Schedule According To Each Network’s Peak Time

Each social media platform has different peak times. It’s therefore essential to consider posting on a proper schedule.

This ensures your posts reach a more significant number of people per network, maximizing your opportunity for success.


Aaron Branch, the ad agency Social Agendas founder, understands only too well that great content increases the odds of ad clicks. Hopefully, these tips will help you achieve dynamic ideas with your content posting on social media. Finally, avoid the temptation of lazy posting the same content across all channels.