A New Google Home Casting Sound Is Coming To Home And Nest Speakers 

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According to 9to5Google, a new Google Home Casting sound is on the way. Owners of the Nest speakers will also be receiving the new Casting sound. However, only devices in the Preview Program will be getting the new sound.

At the beginning of this year, Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max devices began playing a new connection sound. The sound plays when the devices successfully connect. The new chime is now gracing Google Home and Nest speakers.

The new sound will be packaged in the 1.54 firmware version. This version is available to devices enrolled in the Preview Program. If your firmware version is 1.50 you are on the current stable firmware, and not in the Preview Program.


The change comes after several years of the devices using the old chime. The newly updated chime has a softer tone which complements Nest’s new friendly visual and auditory design language. If the world is going to still be spending a lot of time at home having more friendly designed technology will be great.

The new Google Home Casting sound is less harsh

By making the chime less deep Google is able to make the sound less jarring. This will help to not startle for anybody who is unaware the casting session is beginning. However, it could be funny to see your friend jump in surprise at least once.

Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max owners will notice their devices already have the new Casting sound. Those devices received the new update sound in the 1.52 update back in February. Also tagging along in that update was a new Alarms interface with Sunrise, Zoom support, and three new clocks.

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Users in the Preview Program should be seeing the new update hit their devices in the coming weeks. Besides the new Casting sound, no other changes have been noted.

Google recently let it be known the ability to bulk share photos is coming to the Nest Hub. The company seems to want to keep its speakers and smart displays fresh with new features.

The search giant also made it easier for smart doorbells to easily access and integrate with Google Assistant. This will make it easier for users to control their devices via voice while at home. In addition, Google seems to have a new Nest Hello doorbell in the works to add to the Nest family.


Smart home technology has seen a boom since the start of the pandemic. Google looks like they want to make sure their presence in your home will continue to grow. Check the sounds out below.

Old tone

New tone