YouTube TV Subscribers Get MLB.TV Free Through March 31

mlb tv with roku

YouTube TV worked out a deal with MLB.TV to bring the service to the platform, and now it is offering a free preview of the service through March 31. This means that subscribers can watch Spring Training through the end of the month. But in order to watch the MLB season, you will need to subscribe to MLB.TV.

MLB.TV allows you to watch out-of-market baseball games, but it is not cheap. MLB.TV would cost you $24.99 per month (after the seven-day free trial), or you can pay $129.99 for the entire season. The season package is a bit cheaper, since Baseball runs through October, and it’s basically the equivalent to paying for five months.

MLB.TV is the only way to watch Baseball in many markets, on YouTube TV

With YouTube TV having lost regional sports networks in many markets last year. This mostly is in regards to Fox Sports networks. This means that MLB.TV is going to be the only way to watch your favorite team on YouTube TV. So if you’re a big baseball fan, then this is a big deal, especially since you can watch out of market games too.


No other streaming TV service has MLB.TV just yet, butt hat might change in the future. Of course, it is not available in the standard package, so you will need to pay extra. It’s up to you whether it’s worth it or not.

You might notice that MLB.TV is more expensive than it was last season. Due to the shortened 2020 season (because of the pandemic) the MLB lowered the cost to $121.99. This year, it’s back to its regular price of $129.99. And if you’re a T-Mobile subscriber, you can still get MLB.TV for free. Which is a huge value, especially for baseball fans on T-Mobile. That will be available starting on March 30 through T-Mobile Tuesdays.