YouTube May Soon Let You Set Individual Videos On Loop

YouTube AH NS 04

YouTube is an important part of our media and entertainment. There are some videos that we often want to listen to in a loop. Unfortunately, there is no option to set individual videos on a loop.

But that may soon change, because as per a new report by XDA, YouTube is preparing the app for a new feature that would allow users to set single videos on loop.

This claim is as per new strings of code in the YouTube app for Android. Folks at XDA dug up the YouTube version 16.09.34 on Android. As per the codes, you may soon be able to put an individual video on loop.


Currently, YouTube only allows users to watch a playlist on loop, and not a single video. This means that in order to watch an individual video on loop, you need to add to its own playlist and loop it.

Though that is not the most time-consuming or hard workaround for watching your favorite video on loop, it is not that convenient either. There should be an option to put an individual video on loop, as simple as that.

The loop option is available on the desktop, but not in the YouTube Android app

FYI, you could loop your favorite video on the YouTube desktop app, but the feature is missing from the YouTube Android application.


Looking at the codes XDA provided, Google seems to be working on a dedicated loop button. This would enable the user to listen to their favorite video, gameplay video, audio, or whatever else on loop.

The world of Lo-Fi music is gaining popularity and personally, I also listen to them while I am working. So, this feature would definitely benefit users who listen to their favorite music while they work and stay focused.

However, just because the codes have been spotted by XDA in the YouTube Android app, it does not mean that the loop feature will be added to the app.


Google may very well drop this new feature altogether if they find some flaw or underwhelming response. Moreover, there is no clarity on when this feature would see the light of the day.

It could take a few weeks or months, depending on whether Google is ready to roll out this new feature.